Production facility of Hirasim, spread over 6,000 square meters indoors, is located in Osmangazi, Bursa, and works with a production capacity of 80-100 tons per month. The facility consists of “Coating, Macro Slitting, Slitting, Winding, Covering, Packaging, Quality Control, Warehouse and Shipment” units. Being a new generation company, it has a new machine park. Hirasim differentiates itself in the market with its 4032 spindle twisting capacity and its visionary mindset to adopt the latest technologies into its practices. Thanks to these strengths, the Company provides high quality products. Technical or technological investments are made in the light of plans to generate the most optimal efficiency for both the factory and the customers. Thanks to its R&D studies, Hirasim develops and uses domestic and national technology as well as using made-in-Japan and made-in-Korea machines in the production process.


R&D studies take a significant part in the corporate development of Hirasim. New products and machinery are developed in the light of scientific studies. As a result, Hirasim introduces many firsts in the industry, while increasing the profitability not only of the company but also of the customers.

Among pioneering products developed and introduced to the market by Hirasim are:

The 250 gr spool with plug that is used by directly putting on the spindle is one of the patented products of Hirasim.

The 600 gr jointless and knotless M bobbin providing the highest efficiency is solely produced by Hirasim. Its wide edge angle decreases the yarn torque by 50%.

Additionally, Hirasim’s 1 kg jointless and knotless MX bobbin, saving time and labor, is highly preferred by the weavers and knitters.

Thanks to its coating R&D studies, its metallic yarns are available in a wide range of unusual colors to the industry. The color palette contains 60 bright colors and 60 matt colors. In addition to these 120 colors, Hirasim customizes colors according to customer demands. Hirasim can quickly meet the needs of the industry with its ability to produce any trendy color.

Market share

Hirasim products are high quality metallic yarns featuring long-lasting sparkles, no tarnish, lightweightness and comfort. Therefore they have a wide range of use. Metallic yarn is mainly used in traditional textile as a fashion element. However, it is aimed to increase the market share by expanding usage areas in technical textile. We are running a study on for further usage areas especially in interior items, and male/female clothes and uniforms. Thus, we aim to lead the way for a new trend and increase our market share.

Being one of the leading companies in the industry in terms of production quality and capacity, Hirasim alone provides 25% of Turkey's metallic yarn production. The Company, exporting 25% of its production to Middle East and Europe, is a key player in foreign trade. With a special focus on design and production planning, Hirasim aims to increase its export volume.


Hirasim pursue the approach what they call “On Time In Full (OTIF)” and deliver “the exact quantity, to the exact destination, on committed time”. The company’s goal is to keep the OTIF rate above 90% all the time.

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Equipped with advanced technology, Hirasim monitors in electronic environment all the processes starting from the delivery from factory to the customer door. All products are carefully vacuum packed (shrink wrapped), which prevents them from being damaged or deformed during delivery, so that they reach their final destination safe and sound. The fact that all products are produced, packaged and delivered with care, makes Hirasim the first choice of the quality-oriented customers.


Committed to operating responsibly, Hirasim cares for the environment as it cares for its customers and employees. To leave a sustainable world and create a sustainable future, the Company applies the principles of environmental consciousness at every level of its activities. That is why its machine park is primarily consist of new generation energy saving machines. Waste management is carried out by certified companies in order to prevent adverse environmental impact. It has the international OEKO-TEX certificate, which approves that it does not use any products hazardous to humans or the environment. Additionally, thanks to recycling chain established in both production and management units, the Company separates wastes at the source for recycling.