To prove itself as the "Turkey's highest quality metallic yarn brand” through innovative products developed according to industrial needs and production policies in light of realistic goals; to contribute to the national economy as the largest exporter of metallic yarn.

To work with a business approach that makes “quality” a top priority in all the processes required to provide metallic yarn to customers.
To become a leading company in Turkey as well as in the European and Middle East markets through quality production and confidence-focused working principles.
To establish mutually beneficial long-term relationships with customers
To consider R&D and P&D as an integral part of corporate development.
To develop new products that meet the customer needs; to ensure that all brands using Hirasim yarns achieve high efficiency.
Make TRUST and HONESTY the essential foundation of our business and co-operations
Build internal and external relationships based on VALUING PEOPLE approach.
Provide products with a keen focus on ENVIRONMENTAL SENSITIVITY in all production processes

Be LOYAL to promises and deadlines
human resources
Job vacancies are advertised in newspapers as well as on our corporate website. Following the completion of the preliminary evaluation of all applications, the candidates are invited for face-to-face interviews. Applicants are evaluated based on their education, work experience, individual competencies and skills, responsibility awareness and focus on business. Those who accept our job offer, join the Hirasim family.

We attach great importance to the principle of “hiring the right person for the job”; in this way, we boost productivity and performance, and ensure high level of employee satisfaction. We hire employees who are likely to understand and adopt our corporate “mission, vision and values” and who will contribute to corporate development.

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