HiRaSim’s story

We wholeheartedly believe that commercial life is based on two pillars:

Experience and Innovative Approach.

The synergy created by these two values, seemingly opposite but nurturing each other, shaped our corporate structure. Hirasim’s journey started in 2008 in the textile city of Bursa, and the Company spread its wings quickly with the rich knowledge of Bakırlar Tekstil founded in 1960.

From the first day on, the corporate approach is to learn from tradition, adapt what one has learned and innovate according to global expectations. Following 2 years of experience in yarn and fabric exports, the Company decided to focus on technical textiles and started producing metallic yarns to fill the gap in the industry. Hirasim made its largest investment in technological development to establish a new generation machine park and reaped the fruit of its intensive investments in technology and R&D in a short period of time. Spending more than 2% of its revenues on R&D, which is higher than the industry benchmark, the Company has achieved a pioneering brand identity that brings innovation to the industry.

Hirasim keeps its entrepreneurial spirit alive, puts knowledge and experience at the center of its management approach, and gives priority to trust in business relations. Its key business principle is to “ensure customers to feel at ease”. Leaving 10 years behind bearing this responsibility; the Company strives to “be the most innovative but not the largest company”, “be the game changer delivering the highest quality but not the top earning company” since the very first day of its foundation.

And the pearl of wisdom of the first generation with a rich history in textile that stretches back over 60 years is always kept in mind: "As you grow as a business, diminish yourself and never leave modesty…"