About the Plant

Production facility of Hirasim, spread over 6,000 square meters indoors, is located in Osmangazi, Bursa, and works with a production capacity of 80-100 tons per month. The facility consists of “Coating, Macro Slitting, Slitting, Winding, Covering, Packaging, Quality Control, Warehouse and Shipment” units. Being a new generation company, it has a new machine park. Hirasim differentiates itself in the market with its 4032 spindle twisting capacity and its visionary mindset to adopt the latest technologies into its practices. Thanks to these strengths, the Company provides high quality products. Technical or technological investments are made in the light of plans to generate the most optimal efficiency for both the factory and the customers. Thanks to its R&D studies, Hirasim develops and uses domestic and national technology as well as using made-in-Japan and made-in-Korea machines in the production process.